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Project management

Executive summary

In this article, three different cases of project failure are considered. The cases are described in detail shades a light on the importance of the project management tools and how they are important in the successful completion of the project. These three case studies involve projects which did not go according to plan and hence had to face failure. Thus this article will tell the reader about the reasons for the failure of the project and also provide recommendations so that it could be avoided in the future.

The first case study is the gas company known as British petroleum or in short is known as BP. This case study had to face failure because there was the explosion that occurred in deep water horizon. The technical department of bp was trying to drill a well but due to the lack of project control it was unable to do so and the oil flow continued for three months.

The second case is about fiat and Chrysler. Both of these are automobile companies which had to face failure during a project. Both this company merged and the lack of organization change lead to its downfall. The last but not the least is the case study of is of the construction known as the milluem drone.

Reasons for failure are analysed in detail for each of these cases and further recommendation is given to avoid failure for the future research.


Before we get into details of the project it is important for the user to understand the meaning of the term project, project management tool and project control systems which are needed to avoid any failure. A project is a team task which is given by the organization to enhance the performance of the organization.

All the employees of the organization are given different tasks which need to be fulfilled in a certain amount of time. There is a leader who is in charge of the successful completion of the project and is responsible to identify critical and areas of success and work objectives so that the organization can reach maximum potential.

Project control systems are a set of tools that are needed for successful completion of the project. They are widely used in military and industrial areas to control velocity, position, and acceleration. Project control systems can have various benefits but when used without proper knowledge it can bring more failure than success.

Most of the researchers and scholars claim that project control systems have great similarity with human behavior. Meaning that these control systems are able to think and like the human brain to some extent. The project control designers say that control systems are not only limited to engineering but they are also fundamental in nature.

For instance, project control systems are needed in global communication to prevent the loss of universe balances by building symbiosis and sound bridges. Thus from the above statements, it can be said the project controls systems nit only has its social impact on the developing countries but also has a significant impact in developed countries.

Project management is the organizing, planning and managing the project in such a way that it reaches a favorable outcome. Now it has to be noted that project management is a onetime activity meaning that project management deals with precise and specific output, for instance, designing a new computer system or building.


Thus it can be said that project management deals by defining the goals of the project and then showing the employees of the organization that how it can be achieved. Details are identified during project management like timelines, the resource required and budget.

In order to summarize it can be said that project management goes through various phases like the definition, planning, implementation, feasibility, evaluation, and realization. Most of the researchers and scientist have agreed to the fact that the project manager is not always successful.

Infarct they agree on the fact that most of the time there is a certain amount of risk in project management which causes failure in the project. Recent surveys have articled that there is 50% failure chance when the project management is related to construction and when project management is related to IT the chances move to more than.

In this presentation the reader will get to know why a project management fails, the tools to be used in project management and also about the project success factors which can generate a favorable outcome. Additional information like project control system and the influence of stakeholder on project management will be provided. This will be provided in order to make the reader understand about the working of project management and how it influences business in various sectors.

Project success factors

Many project management ideas fail when the organization does not how to deal with the project. These are a list of certain project factors that will help if the reader understanding the project success factors. In order to have a successful project, the organization needs a manager who would lead the team in the right direction.

Smart people

When the team leader has the right amount talent then there is no hindrance that they can’t overcome. With the help of smart people, the team is likely to stay strong and not fall apart. Everyone that is involved in the project will succeed as the teamwork and not as individual achievement so all the people including the suppliers and stakeholders will be responsible for the success of the project.

Smart planning

Planning is very important when a project needs to be completed. All the stakeholders which are part of the project so that they have a clear idea of about how the project is moving through. With the help of proper planning, the employees of the organization can meet specific deadlines and this will also keep the stakeholders engaged in the progress of the project

Open communication

When there is no communication inside the organization then a work which can be solved with ease can take up days and weeks. Thus having a transparent communication within the ream is very important.

The lack of communication can negatively affect the project. Furthermore, open communication can help rectify the mistakes that have occurred in the previous project which in turn would increase the business performance.

Lack of project management tools


Most of the organization think that project management is only about planning and implementation but in reality, project management is all about using the right tools for every activity. There should he tool that would separate the structured data and unstructured data and there should be the tool which would identify the core risk and non-core risk inside the organization.

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