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Reasons for project failure

Most of the organizations are unable to complete their project on time because they did have an estimated budget or had last minute changes which were not implemented in the project on time. Thus there are many pitfalls which can lead to the failure of the project. This articles will focus on some of the issues.

1. No proper senior management

If an organization needs to have a successful project then it needs to have a proper senior management who will be very clear about the priorities and decision making. Thus it can be said that if the senior management is not committed fully in the project then the project is destined to fail.

2. No clarity in project objectives

The organization has enough project initiatives which do not get fulfilled in time. Organisation gives the employees more project initiatives to which they probably could not handle. This not only causes project failure but leads to unsatisfied team members.

3. Scope creep

Scope creep is the issue of debate in recent times. Scope creep generally means promising the client that what the organization actually can deliver. For instance, a company promises the client to deliver three projects in two days without asking for more resources or extended timeline The organization is not able to deliver the project has promised and client stops working with the organization.

4. Communication Gaps

With the project begins most of the team member’s faces gap in communication. Now it has to be noted that most of the project articles are done with the help of email. Meaning most of the team members uses email for communication (Kendrick, 2015). Now if a new individual joins the project there is no centralized picture of the project history since each communication is present in each of the team members email box.

5. Visibility gaps

Now it can rightly be said that the lack of visibility is directly related to project failure. Since all the three tiers of management like the senior management, project manager and the project team are able to access the right amount information at the right time hence there are gaps in visibility.

Case studies

Here three case studies are analyzed in this article which will make the reader understand the reasons for the project failure. This will be done so that future researcher such as the reader can come up with widespread lessons and conclusions from the project failure.

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