The best phones of 2018

The features you are looking for in the smartphone, whether it contains a splendid camera, long battery life, good value etc have to be categorised to see which the best is. The smart people who use the smartphone have picked up the excellent phones where each one is representative of the features mentioned.

These are the extensively researched gadgets that have unique features which they are popular for. They have benefited the number of users. The devices are absolutely the best and made this year interesting. The devices are the champions of their own target market. To pick up the top phones among the best is not an easy task but they have to be categorized for the reader’s benefit. So here is the pick of the perfection.

The cream of the crop devices of 2018

• The best smartphone

The one phone ranked the top among all the other phones this year and that is Samsung galaxy note 9. It is very useful for people who do business and it is the best smartphone in the market. It contains the S pen for advanced productivity. The phone also has the feature to double up as a desktop which is powered by DeX. The micro SD provides boundless storage capacity.

• The best smartphone value

The OnePlus 6T is the finest smartphone which comes at a low price. When it is compared to other flagships it is observed as very much compelling. The cellular reception of the phone is unsurpassed. The battery life lasts longer. It is the most beautiful phone because it is gorgeous to look at in thunder purple.

• The best of its smartphone

The best of all iPhones starts at the lowest price. The Apple iPhone XR from Apple is the greatest of all the iPhones. It also has enduring battery life, the top rear and camera, same processor and is available in six amazing colours.

• The best camera on the phone

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the best competitor for this category but it is ousted by Google Pixel 3/3 XL. These two phones have the camera with a single rear. However, Google has the feature of night sight, portrait and the other shots which is unparalleled.

• The best battery life

The Huawei is well-known for the quality of batteries with massive capacity. This phone can last for four days and even the hardened users of the phone can use it for a whole day without charging.

• The best audio experience

The LG phones have excelled in the performance of the audio. It contains the 3.3mm headphone jack, DTS: X 3D surround sound, loud Boombox speaker, Hi-Fi Quad DAC. So if you like to hear songs frequently buy LG V40 ThinQ.

• The best tablet

For using the media and apps the best tablet phone is the Apple iPad Pro. On the other hand, if you want a tablet that is hard and solid Pixel Slate is the best. The iPad Pro is going to be even more enhanced by Google as it works hard to rectify the few bugs.

These are the best the phone collections of 2o18. We have to wait for the next year to see which one is updated and which one stays on the top till the end.

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