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The free machine learning courses provided by Google, Amazon and Microsoft

There is an increase in the number of free learning courses which are offered by the major tech firms. This is an incredible opportunity for people who are interested in the field. The machine learning engineer is the job which has developed into a fastest growing category of the jobs from 2017. Even to take a step in this field high school math and a little bit of the tongues of the programing language should be known.

Fortunately, there is an increase in the options for those desiring to join in these jobs. With the prevalence of Amazon’s web services (AWS) which is the popular tech giant to release the machine learning courses for the available candidates the courses have been widely taken up. This course is an additional course from the other platforms such as, Andrew Ng and Coursera.


If you are excited about these courses and are interested to do it you can benefit from it if you have knowledge of python, high school algebra, statistics and calculus. Here are some of the courses offered by the tech giants.

Google courses

Google offers nine types of courses through its site Google AI Education site. If you are a developer and are doing the course there is a quick introduction video which is a machine learning crash course. It is a good option to take. The video lectures and exercises will cover up for the basics. If you want to study in depth there is a Google deep learning course presented in Udacity. It is developed by Vincent Vanhoucke who is an important scientist at Google. He is a technical lead in the brain team of Google. It is an open source Tensor Flow framework.

The other courses on the Google AI education site cover problem framing and preparation of data. It is an important topic for the people considering machine learning.

Microsoft courses

The main teaching program of Microsoft is the professional program for artificial intelligence. This is offered in the edX platform for learning. There are many videos and lectures which covers crucial mathematics and how to use python. There are also courses available on how to use machine learning models. It is the best field for the students to learn about real-world problems.

Amazon courses

The company is running over thirty machine learning courses such as videos, labs and documentation. Amazon is using it for twenty years. The developers are taking the course which covers the machine learning blocks. It is to build the person’s knowledge on how to carry on in the AWS platform. After the completion of the basics, the students can try learning about the real worlds examples.

Can these courses help?

These courses are not suitable for people who are not exposed to the technical background. They cannot go into careers such as machine-learning scientist or data scientist. The qualifications for the data scientist roles require a bachelor’s degree, Master’s or PhD in the technical field. For the people who have decided to take up the above mentioned careers these courses will be very useful.

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